Sweet Potato Taco

main dish

“This is another Hemingway original! It's also nothing like an actual taco.”

Canadian Yellow Split Pea Soup with Ham

main dish

“Better than Habitant. Even better the day after preparing. Perfect for freezing.”

Tofu Scramble

main dish

“A Hemingway original. Use as a filling for a breakfast burrito or serve on its own with toast and/or beans and/or potatoes.”

Baked Beans

main dish, side dish

“Simple and Easy. A great main dish or side.”

Roasted Veg

main dish, side dish

“Another original, happy accident. This was originally part of a Tofurky dinner. We ended up throwing out the Tofurky and eating this roast veg as the main course.”

Cauliflower With Tomatoes

main dish, side dish

“A fast, easy sheet recipe.”

Oven-roasted Miso Squash

main dish, side dish

“This isn't a fixed recipe; it's all mine and it's easier and quicker than anything you'll find online.”

5-Minute Liquid Gold Sauce


“This is an excellent, versatile sauce, good on roasted sweet potatoes, burrito bowls, and salads.”

Root Vegetable Soup

main dish

“Great for using up those veggies in your fridge.
Serving suggestion: Top with a drizzle of olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice, crushed chile flakes and/or grated parmesan. ”

Vegetable tagine with chickpeas & raisins

main dish

“Vegan and 5 stars all the way. My favourite recipe in this list. ”